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You know you want one!


In addition to fantastic collections of original sprays, limited edition prints and apparel, you have the opportunity to become the art director by delivering the specification for your very own commission.

A piece of art chosen by you, relevant to you and an absolute 'one-off'!  The possibilities are endless!!!

Check out the 'Commission's Gallery' highlighting examples from across the years via the button below:

The Process:


It's quite a simple process to get started.  All you'll need is a relatively large digital picture of the subject you'd like spraying readily available along with a couple of alternatives 'just in case' the one you want doesn't quite work out. Then either:

Email, with your name and contact number or complete the Commission Interest form here:

Commissions Interest

Once you've submitted information:


Once you've emailed or submitted the Commission Interest form, we'll call you back within 3 working days to confirm the requirements of your spray.  

Canvas size, Colour schemes, Background fabrics, Framing options, Date required and How to send your digital picture will all be discussed.  An original spray generally takes 3 weeks to produce.


Any size canvas is possible (within reason) but the two most impactful sizes are:

36" x 24" @ £700


40" x 30" @ £900

(Reach out for all all other sizes/prices via

and please note that a 25% deposit is required for all initial artwork to start)

Let's Go:


Thank you for your interest in commissioning a Crombie Artist original spray........ we can't wait to get started on it!!!

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