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About Crombie Artist

Crombie Artist isn’t what you may believe.  You see, you’re not buying a t-shirt, hoody or a piece of artwork……… Now this is a little deep, but you’re sending the message that we belong.  We are trying to come together, be part of something and that everyone’s welcome.  And without knowing, your asking others ‘Do you want to join’?  ‘Do you want to be part of this cool thing that does things for others’?


When the world is split and separated in every possible way, maybe we need something to grab on to that’s earthy, honourable and allows us to feel like we’re making a difference without the conflict.


Crombie Artist isn’t a person.  It isn’t product and stuff.  It’s a coming together to help others.


We're living the brand.  The whole point of Crombie Artist is to help others.

One of the initial main aims is to offer ‘up and coming’ artists, people with talent but limited ways of showcasing themselves, an opportunity to make some money for their talent.  Help them sell their work, put their work on retail items (t-shirts, cups etc) and offer guidance, if needed.


The overall dream is to support the launch of 'Crombie Artist Platforms' as a charitable concern and be able to have coffee shops with workshop spaces and work with partner satellite venues where it’s ‘free of charge’ for the whole community to come and try something new, be creative and ultimately improve their wellbeing whilst being around likeminded people.  A chance for people to take advantage of being able take a break from the grind, number crunching and the stresses of what people consider to be ‘real life’.  And one thing is for absolute sure, there will be no ‘tick boxes’ or ‘KPIs’. 


With support, Crombie Artist Platforms will aim to deliver creative workshops:


  • Art / Drawing / Paining / Printing / Spraying

  • Music / Playing / Singing

  • Literature / Reading / Writing / Poetry

  • Creative Thinking / Leadership / Coaching

  • Social / Chess Club / Flower Arranging / Park Walks 


And this will be for everyone!


  • Male / Female

  • Elderly / Young

  • Moms / Dads

  • BAME

  • Unemployed

  • Underprivileged

  • Homeless

  • Desperate / Hopeful 

  • And people who just wanna have some fun 


Crombie Artist will help support the funding of this from the sales of coffee, artwork, t-shirts and hoodys.


You want to learn the guitar? Yeah, that’ll be for free.

You want to learn to paint? …….that’ll be free.

You want to simple play chess? know the deal.  It's for free!


We’ll also hire ‘local experts’ to deliver the workshops, so they earn some money to help maintain their business also.


So, if you’re a talented artist but don’t know what to do over give your work as presents to family and friends, we’ll give you the platform to get over the start line……’re in the right place.


If you’re part of the community (yes that means you), there’s going to be a place for you to come and belong and try something you’ve always wanted…….you’re in the right place.


Now, if you want to send the message that you’re part of something bigger, where people can belong, that’s bringing people together and helps others……’re in the right place.  And as a bonus, through your support, you’ll end up with a t-shirt, hoody, piece of artwork or a simple cup of coffee for getting involved.

Crombie Artist Platforms aims to launching in 2021 and although the coffee shop/ workshop space may be difficult now……This is how we start.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”

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