About Crombie

Lets have some fun…………


On the planet since 1974 but Crombie as an artist was unofficially born in 1990 but truly came to life in 2006.


‘Labour of Love’ stencil graffiti canvases were met with ‘How do I get one’? requests and a piece by Crombie became a ’thing’……anyone could own a ‘one off’ Original or Limited Edition Print.

Years and hundreds of individual canvases later, Crombie's work is now evolving once more with new techniques, materials and themes to become, not only more diverse but to offer more engaging artwork that everyone can aspire to own. 

The crucial element above all things is to offer people the chance to own some pretty special artwork at a price that everyone can afford.


Crombie is many different things to many different people. 


The Football Manager.  Managed Aston Villa Women, Nottingham Forest Women and won the Women’s Premier League as manager of West Bromwich Albion Women.  Travelled the world as an International Development Coach for Chelsea FC and lived and worked in New Jersey.  Currently the Manager of Sheffield FC Women.

The Radio Presenter.  Started as a co-host on ‘The weekend warm-up of sport’ on Elastic FM and now heads up ‘She Can Play’ The Women’s Football Show on the same station.

Educator. Worked in many areas and created some of the most fantastic young leadership academies within Primary Schools and High Schools whilst working with the Youth Sport Trust along with lecturing at Nottingham College and supporting at Portland College with the truly inspirational students with supported learning needs.

Vegan. Plant based diet eater but does crave a bacon sarnie at all times (and resists at all times).

Connoisseur (whatever that means). Drinks Whiskey and Ale and pretends to play guitar and chess.

Above all things…..


Daddy and Husband.  Blessed to have Two beautiful babies (one's pretty grown up) and Wife who give everything purpose and keep it all real.